Acid Rubber Rough Palm Gloves 200mm


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Heavy duty black and orange unlined natural rubber
latex gloves are thicker than regular latex gloves making them
considerably more durable with high elasticy whilst providing increased
protection against punctures and abrasion.
These gloves are available in different lengths with an option of either a
smooth and crinkled palm finish. Crinkled finish palm and fingers are
especially good for grip in wet and oily applications such as handling and
assembling of small oily parts and general assembly.
The rolled cuffs prevent glove rolldown/rollback and provides drip
protection for the forearm.
Suitable for use in industrial environments such as mines, hardwares,
construction, plumbing and material handling as well as mechanical
These thick natural latex gloves are designed to protect hands and arms
for special jobs such as chemical disposal and contact, handling laboratory
experiment, unidentified liquid and powder recycle and examination,
corpse transportation, agricultural pesticide, plywood manufacturing,
work in plague zone, fishing, etc.

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Weight .240 kg
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 5 cm


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